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A revolutionary way to win new business

There's no joining or subscription fees. We only charge a shortlist fee when both you and an interested client are ready to exchange details.

Quote on jobs you want

Client shortlists

Contact the client

We'll only send leads to you in the practice areas you select. You choose which to quote on.

Clients choose who to shortlist based on lawyer quotes, profiles and client feedback.

We charge a small fee if you're shortlisted and put you in touch with the client, so you can get to work.






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The most cost effective way to build your client base

Shortlist Fees

You only pay us a fee when a client shortlists you for a job you quoted on. When you’re shortlisted, it's a warm lead from a client who likes your quote and profile and wants you to get in touch. 

Our competitive fees, ranging from £10 to £75 (depending on the value of the job), mean a much better return on investment than any other form of marketing.

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Take control of winning clients

We live in a digital age, with nearly half of clients now looking for a lawyer online. Whether you're looking to significantly expand your client base or just take on the odd job when you have capacity, MyLegalAdviser allows you to take control of winning new business.

Invitation-only marketplace

We're passionate about helping clients find the right lawyer for their job. We hand-pick and vet every lawyer on our marketplace to make sure they meet our high standards. So if you're accepted onto our service, rest assured you'll be in good company.

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Starck Uberoi

Starck Uberoi's story

Raminder Uberoi of fast-growing London firm Starck Uberoi talks about his experience using MyLegalAdviser and how we helped them get a best ever 15 times return on investment on their spend.


What kind of work can I expect?

Are clients just interested in price?

Our users are generally moderately sophisticated individuals and SMEs with a wide variety of needs (from complex, high-value, jobs to simple ones). What you pitch for is up to you, so you can pick and choose the jobs you're interested in and leave the rest.

We aren't interested in starting a race to the bottom on price. That's why we handpick great lawyers and encourage them to separate themselves from the crowd when quoting. The result? Fair quotes from great solicitors, with a focus on quality rather than price.

How long before I can expect to see results?

Will I or my firm need to sign any contracts?

Winning your first few jobs on MyLegalAdviser can take a little time and effort. Most lawyers win their first job after being shortlisted 4 to 8 times. As you build up client feedback, it gets easier to win jobs.

No, you'll just need to agree to our Terms & Conditions when you sign up. You're free to stop using our service at any time, there's no monthly contract or notice period.

Do I have to work for a law firm to join MyLegalAdviser?

Will my profile be publicly accessible?

Not necessarily. Applications are considered on a case by case basis to ensure each applicant is suitable for our service. Sole practitioners and consultants are welcome to join our service.

You can choose whether your profile is publicly available or kept private. If the latter, only clients who you are matched with will be able to see your profile. 

Can anyone leave feedback on my profile?

What if I receive unfair feedback?

We know how important your reputation is. That's why only clients you're introduced to and who instruct you are eligible to leave feedback. It's also why you decide who gets to view your profile.

We've found that clients overwhelmingly leave positive feedback. Where you receive negative feedback which doesn't reflect the service you delivered, we'll review it and remove it if it isn't genuine.

What jurisdictions do you offer your service for?

Is your service SRA compliant?

We only offer our service for lawyers practising English and Welsh law at present. Lawyers based abroad practising English and Welsh law are eligible to join our service.

Our service is fully compliant with the SRA Code of Conduct. The only requirement is that the client is informed of our financial interest in referring them to you.

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